Based on the fact that we are a family company, we know that the kitchen is the most important place for many since is the meeting point and we know that it has to be useful and welcoming place .

We make the project a pleasant experience so that you and your family have the best experiences there.



We provide the best remodeling solutions.
Mainly functional but without leaving aside elegance, sophisticated, minimalist, vintage or whatever your idea is, we create it for you.

Our priority is the quality on every project.



We love being involved in the realization of dreams and projects from each client, and creating comfortable, beautiful and functional spaces is one of our passions. if you need and extra room or something else do not hesitate to contact us.  



Remodeling, renovation, repair, what ever your need, we are hand to hand with our clients from the beginning to the end of the project. 

”Craft beautiful spaces is one of our passions”


We make new concrete from small small to large projects. we do high quality work in service and material .

Our dedication to our clients, commitment and honesty has allowed us to meet the expectation of our clients, leaving them more than satisfied with our work.


It is very easy to find lower estimates than those from a licensed contractor. We understand that saving money is very important and tempting for our clients; However, cheap can cost you more in the long run.

We as contractors invite you to raise awareness in this part since the license is essential to protect both parties.

The structure is the most important thing in a construction, it is the fundamental basis on which a home or building is supported.

In fact, we are committed to building foundations with the best quality, supervision and of course with the greatest security for both parties.



It is important to consider a licensed contractor when you decide to do electrical work in your home because this can make a significant difference.

Mainly due to experience and knowledge since this will guarantee a safe job; wether it is a repair or installation job.

Remember that electrical work, apart from being complex , is usually dangerous, that is why at SSI Construction Inc. we have qualify technicians who comply with safety protocols and we meet or exceed city requirements.

We know that is quite tempting to save money but hiring an unlicensed person often leaves quite costly consequence .

‘’ In electrical work , safety and quality must be a priority’’